I guess I'm doing this again 🤷🏻‍♀️

This site will likely (slowly) evolve over time, when/if I have time to work on it and things I'd like to add or change. Generally, you can expect some writings -- mostly in blog form but maybe a poem/vignette or stream of consciousness or listicle, as the mood strikes me. There may also be an image thrown in here or there. I'm not sure I'll ever add a comment/contact capability, if you really feel a need to talk to me you probably already have my contact info anyway.

There is also a very non-zero chance that the site will get randomly abandoned for weeks or months at a time. I might forget about it or give up on it entirely -- history repeats itself, after all. But, I'll keep it around for as long as I feel I'm getting something out of posting to & maintaining it.

One random thing I liked about building this was making my h1s look like WordArt. I did this with CSS, lifted almost directly from this blog which is styled way better than I will ever have the patience or vision to manage on my own pages.

Anyway, if you (like me) miss the joys of making WordArt, I got you.

Latest writings: